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Online multiplayer proof-of-concept

I’ve been working on a framework for a multiplayer arena fighting game – think Super Smash Bros Brawl -, that is playable online. This post is a cleaned-up, edited and re-organized version … Continue reading

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A quick Jelly Splash clone

– which is at once ample demonstration of the lack of my artistic skills (although I’m somewhat proud of the mean, grey ghosts). Perhaps the most interesting challenge in coding … Continue reading

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A quick Tetris clone

Lately I’ve been busy with all kinds of projects and learning new tools. But in the meantime I challenged myself to write a Tetris clone in as short time as … Continue reading

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600 boids and a shark

Boids are simple entities that move around steered by a handful of simple rules. The idea is to demonstrate that even quite simple steering rules can result in complex, and, importantly, … Continue reading

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[ project shmup ]

This is my – very – humble tribute to Ikaruga; and the first ever game I programmed using SFML. It only contains one level at the moment, and it doesn’t … Continue reading

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Flat filled raycaster

Raycasting is a simple technique for rendering pseudo-3D environments on the screen; as seen e.g. in id’s original Wolfenstein 3D. This is an implementation of a raycasting algorithm discussed in detail … Continue reading

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Pathfinding: A* / Jump point search

Jump-point search is an algorithm that can dramatically speed up the industry standard A* method. After a brief intro to A* itself, this post discusses one possible implementation of jump-point search. Source code … Continue reading

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